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About Companionship.AI
Companionship.AI is a bold vision for AI as a source of companionship.

Digital assistants are becoming increasingly common, led by apps like Amazon's Alexa and iPhone's Siri.  These programs provide simple commands that people can use to interact with devices.  However, these are just the early stages of attempts to develop interfaces between artificial intelligence and humans.  The true potential of AI exists in its ability to create interactive assistants and friends.

An important potential application of artificial intelligence is providing individuals with companionship.  Millions of elderly adults live alone.  Even if they live in nursing homes or retirement communities, many spend most of their time in isolation.  And, being isolated is not just a condition faced by the elderly.  One third of all Americans (37 million) live alone.

Living alone can be lonely for anyone, which is why Companionship.AI is creating artificial intelligence that can continuously interact with a user.  Like a good partner or friend, Companionship AI can simply be there to keep someone company.  It can also help people remember to do things, help with completing tasks, and take part in conversations and shared experiences.  The more the AI is used, the better it becomes at knowing an individual and adapt to their needs.

Examples of applications can include talking about subjects of interest, helping to cook a new recipe, set reminders, monitoring vital signs, contacting others (including 911) in case of an emergency, and much more.  Modules can be added that expand an AI's knowledge and enhance its abilities.  The potential applications are limitless.

Artificial intelligence is entering a phase of advancement where AI will be able to do much more than respond to simple commands through a desktop device.  Artificial intelligence is evolving into a technology that can help us with many aspects of our lives as a constant companion.  Companionship.AI is building the technology to make that future a reality.
Companionship.AI was started by StartupStudio.AI, which is a platform for launching artificial intelligence startups.  Based in Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, StartupStudio.AI is focused on developing new artificial intelligence technologies that revolutionize how people work and live.  For more information click the video below, and visit:  StartupStudio.AI
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